Matt Odenthal

President of a homebuilding company

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Minnesota native Matt Odenthal has spent his entire career in construction. He began his career as a framing contractor and remained in that position until the 2008–2009 housing crisis. In Farmington, MN, he built a lot of homes. Thus, new home construction has stopped. In an effort to avoid being bored and idle, Matthew wanted to learn more about high-end construction.

As the housing market began to normalize, Matt Odenthal was once again able to pursue his passion for building homes. After the market had a chance to settle, he learned more about high-end remodeling. When working on high-end home renovations, he learned a lot and became a better finisher. While he enjoyed repairing historic homes, he preferred to start from scratch when it came to building new ones. Because he had no other choice, he was obliged to relaunch his construction company.

In order to start from scratch, Matt Odenthal put in the time and work required to earn his general contractor's license. Distinctive Design Build, LLC, his new business, was established in 2015. Wade Brelje was a co-founder and business associate of his. Together, they have helped to transform the company into what it is today. Farmington and the surrounding area can take advantage of the company's services. It is possible to get the home of your dreams with Matt Odenthal's help. He knows a lot about all parts of the project, including how to design your new home.

Minnesota-based Distinctive Design Build, LLC specializes in building custom homes. They build about 100 houses a year. The employees at Distinctive Design Build, LLC are ready to take on any project that comes their way. Small-time painter and woodworker Matt Odenthal runs a successful business. As a result, he can better assist clients who are in the market to buy a home. Odenthal and his fellow founders' competence is shown by the company's success. To make sure customers are happy, the company builds homes that are exactly what each customer wants.

Thanks to Matt's persistent efforts over the last four years, Distinctive Design Build, LLC has risen to the top 25 of the Twin Cities Homebuilders' Association of the Minnesota Builders' Association. In recognition of its yearly monetary and housing output, the company received this distinction. To get the house they've always wanted, the buyer and seller must work together. Matt Odenthal is a home builder that works with a diverse range of clients.

high-end Matt Odenthal, a native of Minnesota, has built some of the nicest homes. Luxurious dwellings for the majority of the population are the ultimate objective. It's a win-win situation for customers because his company builds high-quality homes. To help buyers stay within their budgets when making design alterations to their new houses, Matt works one-on-one with them. Matt believes that customers who are concerned about their finances should not be barred from obtaining the house of their dreams. If you choose the proper finishes, appliances, flooring, and other furniture, you may still have a great home on a limited budget.

Matt enjoys fishing when he isn't building houses. When Matt was a kid, he enjoyed going lake fishing. He improved his skills through practice. In addition to his wife and 4-year-old twins, he enjoys walleye fishing on the weekends. Being outside and spending time with his family are two of his favorite things to do. He's always up for a challenge and works really hard. Matt Odenthal, a well-known home builder, acknowledges the necessity of a vacation.

Minnesota's most sought-after builder, Matt Odenthal, creates one-of-a-kind residences. He would be delighted to discuss your upcoming construction project with you. Matt and his team make the process of building a new home less stressful. If you hire a building contractor like Matthew Odenthal of Farmington, Minnesota, you'll get the attention and concern you deserve. He understands that hard work, devotion, and the ability to finish a project are all important to achieving success. A skilled builder's abilities must be demonstrated with each new client.